About Us

Our Mission

To teach and educate people the importance of honeybees in an urban setting.  We integrate bee hives in your community using a Hands on - Mentoring approach.  Working alongside our Bee Mentor will help dispel the fear of bees by being touching and feeling the hive.  Feeling comfortable around the Bees is the very important part of the course.

Who are we



Mark Cunningham - the Bee Mentor   

Mark's main focus has been breeding queen bees. With over 10 years of experience raising his own bees, he has learned how to increase the population of bees by instrumental insemination. 

With over 500 hives, he is known as the Bee Guy in the City of Calgary.

Brian Fong - resident Business Guru.

Brian graduated in 1990 with a Bachelor of Business Administration from SFU. He has had a keen interest in running his own company for over 15 years.  Brian's interest in bees started to flourish over the past couple of years as he has gained knowledge and incite from Mark and other experts in the field.