Mentorship Beekeeping Program - for First Year Beekeepers

Have you thought about becoming an urban beekeeper?

Special Offer $915

Full Mentorship Program - You are not alone

Here is your chance!

Learn about the fascinating life of bees.

    From start to finish we will teach you how to become an urban beekeeper

        The Wax On program is a full mentorship program.

        • Get up and personal with the bees
        • Suit up throughout the spring/summer with our Bee Mentor at a backyard beehive
        • Ask questions and learn.
        • Learn about the different stages of the hive
        • Includes the beehive, smoker, hive tool, beesuit, gloves and 30 - 500 ml jars of unpasteurized urban honey with personal labels.
        • We will populate the hive with bees in May/June and take them away in Sept. so you don't have to worry about them in the winter.
        • 6 - 8 Inside the Hive backyard meetings
        • 2 Apiary visits (May & Sept) - suit required
        • Bottle honey at Beer & Honey night in Sept.
        • We will empower you as a student how to maintain the hive yourself, but we are never too far away.
        • Our guarantee:  To ensure you thrive as an urban beekeeper with practice and knowledge.  
        • We want to set you up for success as an urban beekeeper.
        • You are Never Alone
        • Great Value.  Retail cost of the equipment, honey & use of the bees $700
        • Limited to 1 queen & 1 nuc.



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