Bee Splitting Program

Special Offer $850

Learn how to increase the bee population inside your hive - with Mentorship!

The Bee Splitting Program is a full hands-on beekeeping program.

Personal teachings of how to split your hive & winterize

  • You own the split!
  • A personal lesson on how to split a hive in May
  • How to introduce a new queen.
  • Learn how to feed pollen patties & sugar water
  • Meet 4 - 5 times at a backyard hive discussing indepth topics
  • 2 Apiary visits - May & Sept
  • Includes pollen patties & extractor usage 
  • We provide the use of a nuc of bees with a new queen
  • We take away the other half of the bees after the split
  • Note: Honey production from this program may be minimal.  Option if you would like to buy honey
  • Learn how to winterize the hive
  • We are always by your side to discuss any issues that may arise
  • Program limited to 1 queen and 1 nuc

price is special for 2018.