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Split Bee and Honey Bee Program

Information about Split Bee and Honey Bee

The Split Bee and Honey Bee programs are intended for 2nd year beekeepers who feel comfortable with taking care of their own hives.  

Applicable for both programs unless stated.

(Dates may vary depending on weather conditions in Calgary)

May 5 we will drop off a set of bees to your house.  You will feed the bees pollen patties (provided) and sugar water.  Note: Once you start feeding the bees pollen patties you can't stop feeding them until natural pollen comes out.   

You will stop feeding the bees pollen patties later in May, but continue on with sugar water.

May 25 - June 5  Dandelion pollen comes out.  The bees will enjoy that.

Bee Splitting program - June 7 we will arrange to get together and split your hive.  You will keep one of the bee splits and we will take one away.  The bee split is yours to keep.

Honey Bee program - June 7 you can take off honey from the dandelion pollen.  Watch out for the bees.  You will need a suit as you will be taking the bees food source from them.  I have an extractor that I can arrange to get to you.

June 5 - 30 you will feed the bees sugar water.

July 5 - 20 the flow is on.  Hopefully we will get honey.

For both programs the back yard meetings will be piggyback with the Beekeeper Mentor program.  We will do it either 30 mins before or after the program.

Honey Bee - Late August, Mark will collect the bees and winterize them.

Bee Splitting program - in the you are responsible to buy your own equipment that is needed.

Mark will be helping you guys out with both programs.