Frostbite Prevention Program

May the Frost Bee with You!!!

The worst feeling of keeping bees in the winter is opening your hive in the spring and finding out that your bees have DIED and have spoiled 75 pounds of overwintered honey stores.

The winterization program in Calgary guarantees the survival of the honeybees!

This service includes 5 key benefits for the backyard beekeeper.

  • Guaranteed 1 - 5 frame Nuc in the spring with a first year over wintered queen
  • Complete fall & spring medicated treatments for disease & mites
  • You keep ALL the honey the bees make in the summer (valued at $300 alone - based on 1 additional 75 pound box of honey @ $4/pound)
  • No stress about the survival of your bees in winter
  • No need to feed & medicated your bees in the offseason

    The fine details

    • Pickup or drop off your 2 box hive by Aug 15, including top & bottom boards
    • Close off the hive, if possible, with hardware cloth
    • Our beekeeper will inspect the hive to ensure the health of it is reasonable
    • If we are picking up your hive please ensure your hive box has been paired down to 2 boxes


    In the spring:

    • You will receive an installed 5 frame nuc in your equipment
    • Replace 15 used wooden frames and plastic wax foundations with new frames & foundations
    • Beehive will be available for pick up or drop off between April 30 and May 30


    Our Guarantee:

    • Customers have 7 days from receiving the hive to report a missing queen or equipment issues
    • In the rare case of missing or damaged equipment, the Urban Beehive will replace the given equipment (unpainted & unassembled)
    • All bees & nucs have been treated with medication
    • August 15 is our target date because it will allow us to manipulate and increase the honey bee population in Calgary
    • Our queens have been bred for local winter hardiness, calmness, disease resistance and honey production
    Prices based on 2 box of bees.
    In August:
    Drop off the bees prior to Aug 15, 2017
    • Drop off in Haysboro:                      $125
    • Pick up service at your home:        $20 (additional)
    Pick up your bees and equipment spring 2018:
    • Pick up in Haysboro                       no additional cost
    • Drop off to your home:                    $20 (additional)


    Note: In the event of a natural disaster (for example all our bees have been decimated by a fire), we will refund the cost of the program and return your equipment