DOOR CRASHER - 4 Frame NUCS Sold Out for now.  More to come

DOOR CRASHER - 4 Frame NUCS Sold Out for now. More to come

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All Canadian 4 Frame Nucs 


4 frame nucs available for Calgary pick up and Edmonton pick up.

Availability: 100 - 4 frame nucs available at Door Crasher prices!! 

Price $219.99 (includes Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton delivery)


Why are you seeing these prices:

The is CROWD FUNDING.  In order to expand we need your help in raise money to buy boxes, feeders, top and bottoms and queens. 

The funds raised in this initial offering will be used for operational cost and expenses. 

We have been providing packages and nucs of bees in Alberta for over 15 years.

If you miss out in the DOOR CRASHER Special, see our Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton - 4 frame nucs pricing.


Canadian 4 frame nucs include:

  • 2022 mated Canadian Queen Bee
  • 2 Frames of brood in various stages of development (eggs, larvae & pupae - capped and uncapped)
  • 1 frame of honey & pollen stores
  • 1 developing frame of brood & honey stores
  • Worker bees covering 4 frames of the nuc
  • Treated for mites and nosema
  • Includes a recyclable & water resistant corrugated box. 
  • Easily transportable        
  • The queen will be placed in the nucleus 19 days prior to pick up - important as you will know that all the brood is from the mated queen.

The worker bees have been over wintered in Calgary and are raised for Canadian winters.


When are they available:

Calgary pick up availablity options: late April, Early May and late May.  

Red Deer & Edmonton availability options: early May or Late May (another date may be added depending on the number of orders on hand)

Availability of the bees are dependent on the weather and the developmental growth  of the bees.




(The picture is not an exact representation of the nucleus of bees)