4 Frame Nucs

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4 Frame Nucs Available.

Weather has finally turned, 4 frames nucs available!!


We are aiming for delivey dates between June 15-19, 2022


  • 2022 mated Queen Bee
  • 2 Frames of brood in various stages of development (eggs, larvae & pupae - capped and uncapped)
  • 1 Frame of honey & pollen stores
  • 1 Frame of a developing frame of brood/pollen/honey - depends on what the bees are working on
  • Treated for mites and nosema
  • The queen will be placed in the nuc at least 10 days prior to pick up. 
  • Includes a cardboard frame box

Delivery date of the nuc will be weather dependant. (Hope no snow in Calgary)


Transport locations between Calgary - Grande Prairie on Hwy 2


Limited quantities.

If you are interested in a 5 frame nuc, please send me an email.

 (The picture is not an exact representation of the nuc and bees)