Canadian 5 Frame Nucs - Wait List

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Canadian 5 Frame Nucs - Wait List for 2023

At this time, I am requesting a refundable $50 deposit per nuc to be Guaranteed a nuc(s) when they become available.  


  • 2023 mated Canadian Queen Bee
  • 2-3 Frames of brood in various stages of development (eggs, larvae & pupae - capped and uncapped)
  • 2-3 Frames of honey & pollen stores and open Comb
  • Treated for mites and nosema
  • Includes a recyclable & water resistant corrugated box (no deposit required)
  • Easily transportable        
  • The queen will be placed in the nucleus 19 days prior to pick up. 


Weather dependent and the development of the bees.

Availability by end of May.

Transport locations between Calgary - Grand Prairie on Hwy 2


Prices are subject to change.

 (The picture is not an exact representation of the nuc and bees)