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Canadian Package of Bees

Canadian Package of Bees

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First time ever in Canada - Canadian Honeybee packages

Package includes 2.5 pounds of bees, a hearty Canadian bred queen and a can of syrup.

All packaged in an easy to carry Bee Bus.

All you need to do is grab and go.

The bees will be fresh and boxed a day or 2 before pick up.  No jet lagged bees will make it into the Bee Bus.

All packages are treated for mites and Noxzema.

As a value added service, our resident beekeeper Mark Cunningham with over 15 years of experience will be available to answer all questions about beekeeping.  

No need to try and find the answer through the internet or Youtube.  Just send an email to Mark and he will post the response on his website for all to view.

Cost of the package is $255/ package.