Full box of bees - 9 frames

Full box of bees - 9 frames

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9 frame box of bees.

Includes 4-5 frames of brood, 4-5 frames of honey/pollen stores and a frame the bees are working on.

The laying queen will be a new 2022 vibrant queen, Langstroth box, closed off bottom board and a mesh screen for the top.

The box of bees is great way to quick start your hive with a lot of bees.

Very strong hive!! The queen has been in the hive for over 20 days.

Government inspected.  

Pick up in Calgary. 

Delivery options available for Red Deer, Edmonton and Grand Prairie.

(Delivery extra)

Discounted price if you purchase over 50 hives.

Available approximately July 22-24, 2022