Shipping packages with UPS

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Out of Town?  No Problem

We are the only Canadian company that has been approved to ship bees across Canada with

How do we do it?  We keep it local.

All our bee packages are packaged in Calgary in a Pro Nuc Bee bus.

The hard plastic vented container will hold the bees, the queen and food for the journey.  Having the confidence with UPS will allow you to sleep at night knowing your bees will arrive at the destination within 24 hours.

Depending on the number of packages ordered, we may ship the bees to a central location in your city, a UPS shipping point or direct to your house.  Closer to the shipping date I will have details for you.

I have a number of beekeepers that have ordered packages from across Canada.  In order to keep the cost down for shipping, orders will be grouped together and will need to be separated at the designation point.  I will have this prearranged prior to shipping.

Our bees are packaged in Calgary 24 hours prior to transporting.  Thereby reducing the stress they will endure during their travels.

Send me an email at for shipping rates or text/call at 403.870.5371.

Let me know where you live, a postal code and the number of bees you are looking for.

Note: Taxes are extra for shipping only.