Shipping Canadian Bee Packages with UPS

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First time in Canada - All Canadian Bee Package

Out of Town?  No Problem

We are the only Canadian company that has been approved to ship bees across Canada with

How do we do it?  We keep it local.

Our bees are packaged up 24 hours prior to transporting.  Thereby reducing the amount of stress the bees will endure during their travels.

Email me at for shipping rates or text/call at 403.870.5371

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Our bee packages include:

  • 1 kg of bees
  • Queen Bee from the spring of the current year with attendants in her own cage
  • Fondant
  • Packaged in a Pro Nuc Bee Bus

About the packages:

  • The bees will be packaged 24 hours in advance of transport, thereby reducing transport stress
  • The queen is known for her vitality, calmness and honey production.   These characteristics will reflect into the personality of the hive. 
  • There is a greater acceptance of the queen into the hive because the queen is from the offspring of a similar Canadian blood line queen.
  • All the juvenile worker bees in the package are from this Canadian blood line queen.
  • A first year queen is most productive in her first year
  • A calm hive is very important for new beekeepers that are apprehensive about beekeeping.
  • The Bee Bus is easily transportable anywhere in Canada (shipping options available)
  • All worker bees are raised in southern Calgary
  • Packages reduce the risk of cross hive disease contamination


The apiary is fully Alberta Government stamped for approval to ship bees across provincial borders.