Wait List for Packages

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Need to replace your bee hives for the 2023 beekeping season?

New to beekeeping?

Be First In Line and place a refundable deposit for a 1 kg Package of Honeybees for the upcoming season.


We will confirm availability of packages by early April.

We are aiming for 2 delivery dates: April 20 and May 20 (estimated)


Packages can be shipped to most cities across Canada using UPS 24 hour service. 

 (Shipping is extra)

(Refunds of the deposit will be subject to a $2.00 service fee payable to the credit card company.  No refunds will be issued within 30 days of delivery.)


About the packages:

  • 1 kg of Canadian bees
  • 2023 Queen Bee and her attendants in her own cage
  • Food for the journey
  • Packaged in a Pro Nuc Bee Bus

  • The bees will be packaged 24 hours in advance of transport, thereby reducing transport stress
  • The queen is from a strong genetic queen that is picked from the best of her bunch.
  • The queen is known for her vitality, calmness and honey production.   These characteristics will reflect into the personality of the hive. 
  • A first year queen is most productive in her first year
  • A calm hive is very important for new beekeepers that are apprehensive about beekeeping.
  • The Bee Bus is easily transportable anywhere in Canada (shipping options available)
  • All worker bees are raised in southern Calgary
  • Packages reduce the risk of cross hive disease contamination
  • Bees will be treated for mites and nosema
  • Packages will be delivered via UPS 24 hour service.  
  • Delivery is extra depending on number of packages and location.